Hi, Linda -
Check out iBank, I hear very good reviews of that software. It's made 
for Mac, and they have "private" cloud settings. I haven't used it but 
it has been recommended to me, andI had planned to check it out myself.


On 12/1/15 10:28 AM, Linda Feltner wrote:
> HI All, and Happy Holidays to everyone.
> The end of the year means some evaluation of our methods of 
> record-keeping, filing, bookkeeping. Now is the time when the hardware 
> and software is on sale, and now is the time to buy. The options are 
> too numerous.
> But with technology advancements, I want to give consideration to more 
> "cloud" operated systems. Bookkeeping in particular.
> I have enjoyed Quick Books Pro for many many years. I do not keep up 
> with every advancing version because it often requires a higher 
> operating system on the Mac, and that snowballs into updating software 
> suites as well.
> I am considering QBooks for the cloud. I spoke with a salesman, and he 
> said one pays the monthly fee forever. One can download a backup for 
> the CPA or accountant at any time. However when it gets time to stop 
> the program, you would have to purchase the latest version, download 
> and then one can keep working on the home computer. I comprehend all 
> of that.
> But if the operating system wasn't up to their version, then one would 
> have to what? buy a new computer, laptop, tablet?
> Can we assume that we will always have a phone, tablet, or laptop? 
> Macs are more expensive than others, and I don't see a way of ever 
> getting out of this inexpensively.
> (side note) I did express my unwillingness to connect my bank account 
> to the QBooks cloud program. Their new feature is when you write a 
> check, it auto updates in cloud QB. He said I could simply turn that 
> off. So the cloud management would not have my account numbers.
> I need to make some sort of decision before the end of the year. The 
> best option right now is to major upgrade the OS on my laptop (which I 
> seldom use) and then have nothing but "generic" software on it, 
> because I won't be able to run my older software suites on the new OS. 
> I use it for powerpoint presentations and travel, Excel lists. So 
> there are strong reasons for keeping the old laptop compatible.
> I just don't see a clear way to deal with this, unless you throw a lot 
> of money at it.
> Maybe purchase a refurbished Mac and only have QB on it?
> Any thoughts?
> Best of the Season,
> Linda
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