Thank you for sharing your beautiful work and the information about using 
Spoonflower. I have been wresting with possibly printing woodcut blocks on 
fabric myself ... but Spoonflower sounds like a wonderful way to extend 
one's art!

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Hello all,

With the holidays approaching (too fast!) I wanted to share some neat new 
product that I've just added to my online shop (both because some of you 
might be interested in the products, but also because the method that I used 
to make them is something others might like the try themselves).

I had a solo show this past summer, for which I developed a small collection 
of textile patterns - the show pieces were all large scale wall-hanging 
banners, but it occurred to me that I should also experiment with sewing up 
some retail-worthy accessories, and now is the perfect time to release them.

The summer show was titled "Birds, Bees, & Tulip Trees" and all the work was 
inspired by flowering plants and pollinators - some relationships were very 
specific (like Monarch butterflies and Milkweed) others more general (like 
Tulip Trees and the host of insect species that visit them). I started with 
original watercolor paintings and then assembled them into repeating 
collages in Photoshop. The designs were then uploaded to a fabric (and 
wallpaper, and wrapping paper) print-on-demand company called Spoonflower - 
and in a matter of weeks I had beautiful original fabric to work with!

You can see the pattern designs, and photos from their exhibition this 
summer (which was held in a large modern conservatory building of a 
botanical garden!) on my website:

And if anyone is interested in a pollinator themed gift - the canvas pouches 
I had made are really fun  - I've been using one to carry my travel drawing 
accessories and it's the perfect vessel:

For those who'd like to give Spoonflower a tour - here's a link to my 
profile on the site (all patterns live in a marketplace - if you want them 
to - that anyone can purchase yardage from - individual  artist's get a 
percentage of sales):

I know my work leans toward the less precise and more decorative compared to 
many of the more serious science illustrators in the group, but we're all 
driven by the same passion for the natural world, and I hope you enjoy the 
images all the same!

Best to everyone during what can be a stressful but also joyful last month 
of the year!


Natalya Zahn
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