Right, and the art has nothing to do with it.   It's clumsy, but the first
I've seen it, although other forms of scam arrive daily.


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This is a known SCAM technique.  Scammer sends check for more than the
agreed amount. Scammee is asked to deposit the check anyway and just send an
electronic transfer for the excess back to the Scammer.  The Scammee learns
later that the original check bounced. They are now out the difference they
sent back to the Scammer.


On 12/24/15 11:27 AM, Barry K. MacKay wrote:
> Best of the holiday season to everyone.
> A precautionary tale:  I have a website ( which
I'm still working on,
> from which I sell the odd painting.   While I do illustrate scientific
journals, I also do "gallery
> art" or whatever you call it, as I know many of us do, but I keep it 
> all galleries, no reproductions, low prices, direct transactions
and so on.
> Anyway, last October a "Michael Kleemann" contacted me, purporting to be a
businessman in Texas, on
> the cusp of moving to Turkey.   He wondered if I had any other paintings
to offer but the then
> relatively few for sale on my website (I still have only posted a fraction
of what is available).
> Not knowing what his interest was, I just said that I did and sent him a
few samples.
> He choose the Wood Duck, and the Boat-tailed Grackle.   The former is
framed, so I told him the
> shipping would therefore be more expensive than if it weren't framed and
made some sort of general
> conversation about my love of Texas, and southwestern birds.   But I admit
alarm bells were already
> ringing in my head as most first-time buyers express their interest in 
> birds or comment on art or whatever, and Michael Kleemann was very
terse.polite, but nothing personal.

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