You might want to check out these two sites. When I get a legitimate 
sounding email, I double check the name and email address before I respond.

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On 12/24/15 11:36 AM, Britt Griswold wrote:
> Barry,
> This is a known SCAM technique.  Scammer sends check for more than the 
> agreed amount. Scammee is asked to deposit the check anyway and just 
> send an electronic transfer for the excess back to the Scammer.  The 
> Scammee learns later that the original check bounced. They are now out 
> the difference they sent back to the Scammer.
> Britt
> On 12/24/15 11:27 AM, Barry K. MacKay wrote:
>> Best of the holiday season to everyone.
>> A precautionary tale:  I have a website ( 
>> which I’m still working on,
>> from which I sell the odd painting.   While I do illustrate 
>> scientific journals, I also do “gallery
>> art” or whatever you call it, as I know many of us do, but I keep it 
>> all simple…no galleries, no
>> reproductions, low prices, direct transactions and so on.
>> Anyway, last October a “Michael Kleemann” contacted me, purporting to 
>> be a businessman in Texas, on
>> the cusp of moving to Turkey.   He wondered if I had any other 
>> paintings to offer but the then
>> relatively few for sale on my website (I still have only posted a 
>> fraction of what is available).
>> Not knowing what his interest was, I just said that I did and sent 
>> him a few samples.
>> He choose the Wood Duck, and the Boat-tailed Grackle.   The former is 
>> framed, so I told him the
>> shipping would therefore be more expensive than if it weren’t framed 
>> and made some sort of general
>> conversation about my love of Texas, and southwestern birds. But I 
>> admit alarm bells were already
>> ringing in my head as most first-time buyers express their interest 
>> in birds or comment on art or
>> whatever, and Michael Kleemann was very terse…polite, but nothing 
>> personal.
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