HI All, and Happy Holidays to everyone.

The end of the year means some evaluation of our methods of record-keeping, filing, bookkeeping. Now is the time when the hardware and software is on sale, and now is the time to buy. The options are too numerous. 
But with technology advancements, I want to give consideration to more "cloud" operated systems. Bookkeeping in particular. 
I have enjoyed Quick Books Pro for many many years. I do not keep up with every advancing version because it often requires a higher operating system on the Mac, and that snowballs into updating software suites as well.

I am considering QBooks for the cloud. I spoke with a salesman, and he said one pays the monthly fee forever. One can download a backup for the CPA or accountant at any time. However when it gets time to stop the program, you would have to purchase the latest version, download and then one can keep working on the home computer. I comprehend all of that. 
But if the operating system wasn't up to their version, then one would have to what? buy a new computer, laptop, tablet? 
Can we assume that we will always have a phone, tablet, or laptop? Macs are more expensive than others, and I don't see a way of ever getting out of this inexpensively. 

(side note) I did express my unwillingness to connect my bank account to the QBooks cloud program. Their new feature is when you write a check, it auto updates in cloud QB. He said I could simply turn that off. So the cloud management would not have my account numbers. 

I need to make some sort of decision before the end of the year. The best option right now is to major upgrade the OS on my laptop (which I seldom use) and then have nothing but "generic" software on it, because I won't be able to run my older software suites on the new OS. I use it for powerpoint presentations and travel, Excel lists. So there are strong reasons for keeping the old laptop compatible. 

I just don't see a clear way to deal with this, unless you throw a lot of money at it.
Maybe purchase a refurbished Mac and only have QB on it? 

Any thoughts?

Best of the Season,

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