Picked up your book, ordered four, 3 gifts, one for me. From my local book store, Avid Books, Athens, GA. 

When Fish Got Feet, Sharks Got Teeth and Bugs Began to Swarm is FABULOUS! The children will love it, I am sure; have kept all of them up to date on natural science illustration with my note cards and they get the National Geographic For Kids.

Thank you Hannah for sharing your art with this book!

From rainy Athens, GA, in the 60s, azaleas and camellias are budding and blooming.

And yes, this listserv members have been a huge help and inspiration to me, especially through my journey through art school successfully earning my degree in scientific illustration.

With sincere Thanks & Best, 
OC Carlisle
Scientific Illustration, Photographic Fine Art
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On Dec 1, 2015, at 10:21 AM, Linda Feltner <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Thank YOU, Hannah, for sharing this news and insights with the Listserv. We relish hearing about projects, endeavors, and how you Get Things Done. An inspiration to everyone! 

Cheers and chocolate!
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On Dec 1, 2015, at 8:16 AM, Hannah Bonner wrote:

Hi Everyone,

This list is so great. Gail asks a question,  and by the time I read the message, Marnie has answered it! I'm slow in answering both because I get the messages in digest form and because it's six hours later over here. Gail, how cool that you're getting it at your local "real" bookstore!

Jane, you ask about books for older readers. It's hard to find science for the older kids, it's true. It seems to jump from younger kids directly to all-ages books, some of which are great I must say. One such book that I love is Cruisin' The Fossil Freeway but Kirk Johnson (then curator at the Denver Museum, now director of the NMNH) and the artist Ray Troll. They took a series of road trips in an beat-up blue pickup truck to every fossil site or specialist or museum in their part of the West. GNSI's very own Russel Hawley appears in it! Kirk Johnson writes well, is funny, and manages to stick in many a geology lesson as he goes along. And of course the Troll's pictures are always fun. There's also a big map you can buy that shows where they went, and is chock full of critters fossil and live, and has a cheesburger hidden in every state.

I just wanted to add to Marnie's input that my books are technically more like 8-12, or nine and up, but Marni is right that younger children enjoy them because they're picture-based and include lots of goofy humor, and the reader can choose between reading all the text or just the captions and cartoons. Older kids who are into Paleo can go deeper and glean info on such things as how the first forests cooled the planet in the late Devonian, how the Synapsids eventually morphed into mammals, how crocs and birds are related, or the probable causes of the end-Permian extinction. The activities I've added to this three-in-own edition are geared towards 5th and 6th graders.

Kathleen, you mention getting a proof copy of print-on-demand books. This book of mine is with a publisher, but my dad self-published a book and you are absolutely right, it's essential to see a proof. So good advice for anyone out there who is considering self-publishing.

Sorry for taking up so much listserve bandwidth, and a big thanks again to everyone for all the interest, support, and good advice! It's been a real gift.


Hannah Bonner
New book out! The "When" trilogy in a single paperback volume:
When Fish got Feet, When Bugs Were Big and When Dinos Dawned

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