I've been paying attention to the same things you have and tried to be
proactive when I registered the group.

They have requested "Quite Hours" (sic :) ) be observed or taken inside.
However, I'm not particularly worried about this. One, every war has quiet
hours and we are rarely asked to be quiet. Singing doesn't actually carry
all that far, especially if we're in a pavilion. As a side note, we
probably won't have the RP because of the logistical challenge of getting
it from Lilies to 50 Year, but we will have something.

Anyway, two, there is a 'loud' area. I requested that spot for that reason.
It won't be so loud as to bother us, actually, because while their goal is
to not annoy the neighbors they actually put the loud area about as close
to the neighbors as they could. Don't ask me why :)

Three. I told them we're going to sing. I said I recognized their rules and
the importance of not disturbing the neighbors, but that I'm not about to
tell Calontir we can't sing. They know who we are and I explicitly told
them singing was important to us.

Believe me, this is a topic that I'm paying attention to :)


On Sat, Jan 2, 2016 at 11:41 AM, Gwendolyn Sweezey <[log in to unmask]
> wrote:

> Rhodri,
> Thank you for taking on this task. I heard tales that singing wouldn't be
> allowed in camp at 50th year. Was that ever resolved?  I can't imagine
> camping with Calontir and not singing in camp. Thanks!
> Gwendolyn
> On Saturday, January 2, 2016, Rob Howell <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> Greetings all
>> With the turn of the New Year comes new opportunities. One of those will
>> be to attend the 50th Year Celebration of the SCA in central Indiana.
>> Their Highnesses Matsu and Elena have asked me to serve as Land Agent for
>> Calontir, so feel free to direct any questions you might have about
>> Calontir's land arrangement to [log in to unmask]
>> There are many questions yet to be answered, but here is what I know
>> right now.
>> Pre-registration for SCA 50 Year can be found at:
>> Please note that it does not seem to
>> be active yet, but when the time comes if you wish to camp with Calontir,
>> please put "Kingdom of Calontir" as the group name.
>> Pre-registration is especially important for SCA 50 Year. There are no
>> ancestral homelands. We will get our apportioned area based upon our
>> pre-registration totals.
>> When I registered the group, they asked what our turnout will be. I
>> laughed and gave them numbers because they asked, but no group really knows
>> right now what kind of attendance they will have. This is especially true
>> for us given the timing conflict with Lilies and I told them anywhere from
>> 20 to 300. I suspect they did not get much value from that answer, but all
>> humor aside, this just emphasizes the need to pre-register to claim all of
>> the land we need.
>> Also, at Pennsic, we're guaranteed a certain amount of land as royal
>> land, but this is unlikely to be the case at SCA 50 Year. Since we will
>> have a courtyard and a gathering place, we'll have to scrunch in together
>> somewhat. Again, another reason to pre-register if you think you might go.
>> Some other notes. We're all in one group. The one thing I've impressed
>> upon the people assigning land is that we're not splitting up. Again, this
>> might mean we're tight on space, especially if we don't pre-register.
>> Please send to me your anticipated dates of arrival, tent size if you're
>> camping with Calontir, and all the normal stuff so I can begin to play
>> tentris. Most of you know the drill. If you don't, or have questions,
>> please email me at [log in to unmask]
>> The one addition I ask is for you to let me know if you're planning on
>> going to both Lilies *and* SCA 50 Year. You can either email me, or join a
>> group called Lilies to 50 Year on Facebook that I've created, thanks to
>> Drix's suggestion. I suspect we'll have logistical issues, like getting
>> regalia hither and yon, with the timing of both events. If you're on
>> Facebook, please join the group if you're planning on going to both so that
>> we can smooth such issues.
>> The link is:
>> Finally, let's get to the elephant in the metaphorical room.The SCA made
>> the decision to schedule their celebration against the final weekend of
>> Lilies.
>> It's possible that this was indeed the only possible weekend but even if
>> it was, the communication about 50 Year has generally been lousy,
>> especially on this topic. I know it. You know it. Small furry creatures
>> from Alpha Centauri know it. It is, at this point, what it is.
>> However, we are the makers of our own fun. For myself, I plan on learning
>> some of the old Calontir songs. I plan on outdoor rules Cruiscin Lan. I
>> plan on having extra chances to follow my Crown and the Falcon Banners to
>> the battlefield. I plan on hearing the stories of our archers and
>> equestrians after they kick the rest of Known World's butt... again.
>> In short, no matter how irritating their planning has been, I am going to
>> grab those extra few days of going to war with Calontir. I've never cared
>> at any other war who I fought against, but I've loved who I've fought
>> alongside. This is no different, no matter who our foe at SCA 50 Year might
>> be.
>> I'm sure there will be lots more, and I'll report when I get more
>> information, like where we're assigned to be, so expect more updates
>> throughout the spring. However, that should get us started.
>> Thanks all, and Happy New Year to all of you.
>> Rhodri
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> Gwendolyn
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