Greetings, all!

Please join us in the Shire of Cúm an Iolair on February 6th for the 31st Annual Clothier's Seminar!

The event website is here:

The class list can be found here:

The class schedule can be found here:

And the menu for the tasty, tasty inn food can be found here:

This year's Clothiers Seminar is dedicated to the memory of the late Master Sashatec, who was such a large part of this event for so many years.  If you have clothing made by Sashatec that you would like to display or wear in this year's Walk Through History, please contact HE Gyda Glora at [log in to unmask]

Many thanks to all of the talented instructors who have volunteered to share their knowledge of ancient, medieval, and Renaissance clothing!

Yours in Service,

HL Giraude Benet
Event Steward
31st Annual Clothiers Seminar

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