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In Service,

Gunnar Thorisson

Vert Hawk Herald

CALONTIR acceptances  

* Arnóra in danska. Name.

* Avery Quatremaine. Name (see RETURNS for device).

* Bjorn Thorsson. Badge. (Fieldless) A double-horned anvil vert.

* Boris Tykvin. Name and device. Argent, two boars statant erect respectant sable.

Please advise the submitter to draw the tusks bigger, the tails more porcine and the creatures with deeper chests so the beasts are more easily identified as boars.

* Charles von Strausberg. Device change. Quarterly sable and vert, a hippogriff salient contourny and a chief embattled Or.

The submitter's old device, Vert, three Celtic crosses swallowtailed and a chief embattled Or, is retained as a badge.

* Chrystofer of Crystal Mynes. Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name). Azure, on a chevron Or between three Latin crosses argent a horse's head couped sable.

Submitted under the name Chrystofer Wojtowicz.

* Claerkin Van Dalle. Name and device. Azure, a spade sustained by a cubit arm issuant from sinister argent.

It was noted in commentary that the expected form of the byname is van Dalle. However, we note that the submitted capitalization was attested in the article cited in the Letter of Intent. Although prepositions like van are typically found in lower case, capitalization varies in the Low Countries in period.

* Evangeline Bajolet. Badge. Per bend vert and argent all estencely counterchanged.

Please advise the submitter to draw the sparks as groupings of roundels one and two, not two and one.

* Gerald Kendall. Badge. (Fieldless) A six-petaled rose with petals alternating argent and azure, barbed and seeded argent.

* Gilana Peregrina. Name.

* Johannes Gast. Device. Per fess embattled argent and sable, a demi-bear issuant from the line of division gules.

* Karl Münch. Name and device. Vert, a Latin cross argent and a chief checky sable and argent.

Nice late 15th century German name!

* Kit Ten of Calontir. Name.

Calontir is the registered name of an SCA branch.

The submitter may wish to know that Kitten is a late period English surname, which can be registered as a given name. Therefore, Kitten of Calontir is registerable. If the submitter prefers this name, she may submit a request for reconsideration.

* Lucia Flecher. Device. Purpure, a simurgh displayed between three mullets, each within and conjoined to an increscent Or.

There is a step from period practice for the use of a simurgh.

* Mell MacAlpin. Badge. (Fieldless) A cloud sable.

Nice badge!

* Mell MacAlpin. Badge. (Fieldless) In pale a dragon's head gules issuant from a cloud sable.

* Ulfger Bjarnarson. Name and device. Gules, two wolves combattant Or and on a chief triangular argent a Thor's hammer sable.

* Zachariah Lochrie. Badge. Gules, in fess two plates.

Nice badge!

* Zaneta Baseggio. Device change. Argent, on a pale cotised sable a comet argent.

The submitter's old device, Purpure, on a pale cotised between two comets argent, a comet sable, is retained as a badge.

CALONTIR returns   

* Avery Quatremaine. Device. Azure, a chevron argent between three compass stars Or.

This device conflicts with the device of Jean Oste de Murat: Azure, a chevron argent between two prawns haurient respectant and a fleur-de-lys Or. There is only one DC for changing the type of secondary charges. It also conflicts with the device of Johanne i Visby: Azure, a chevron argent and in sinister chief a mullet Or. Since we grant no difference between mullets with different numbers of points, there is only one DC for the number of secondary charges.

There is a step from period practice for the use of compass stars.

* Chrystofer Wojtowicz. Name.

The submitted name is identical in sound to one of the submitter's use names. The Administrative Handbook states:

No name will be registered to a submitter if it is identical to a name used by the submitter for purposes of identification outside of a Society context. This includes legal names, common use names, trademarks, and other items registered with mundane authorities that serve to identify an individual or group. This restriction applies to Society branches as well as individuals. Thus, a branch cannot use the name of a significant location (a town or county, for example) within its borders. This restriction is intended to help preserve a distinction between a submitter's identity within the Society and the submitter's identity outside of the Society.

A small change in the name is sufficient for registration, such as the addition of a syllable or a spelling change that changes the pronunciation. However, a change to spelling without a change in pronunciation is not sufficient. For example, Alan Miller could not register the name Alan Miller or Allan Miller but he could register the name Alan the Miller. Further, submitters may register either a name or armory which is a close variant of a name or insignia they use outside the Society, but not both.

Although there has been a spelling change to the given name, the pronunciation has not been modified, so we are forced to return this name.

His device is registered under the holding name Chrystofer of Crystal Mynes.

* Katherine Devereaux of York. Badge. (Fieldless) A falcon striking sable maintaining a closed book vert charged with a rose argent.

This badge is returned for presumption. SENA A6E states "A few special cases follow more stringent rules. For example, the Lancaster and York rose badges are very widely associated with those families in many forms. Therefore, we do not allow anyone to register the byname (of) Lancaster with armory including a red rose, or the byname (of) York with armory including a white rose. Again, the name will normally be registered but the armory returned." This is exactly the situation we have here and this badge must be returned.

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