The Falcon Banner has posted a new item, '12th Night Court Report'

Our thanks to Lord Brian Robert MacDougal for this report.

An attempt has been made to check names against the Order of Precedence, please excuse any errors or misspellings.

C&T Social Club Bear Pit – Gawin Kappler

C@T Two Handed Tournament – Syr Duncan of Skeene

Armored Novice Tournament- Zeno

Amored Social Club Bear Pit –

Most Fun to fight – Germanicus

A&S –

Lillies Fireworks Fund Raiser –

Julia Kaloethina – Swan

Eden Devereux – AOA

HL Giraude Benet announced a special addition to Clothiers: there will be a special display of Sashatec clothing, and inclusion in the parade

HRH called HE Annalies Grossmund into court so that Lord Gavin could ask her to marry him, and she said yes

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