Hi all, especially you picture book folks out there,

I'm writing a contract for a picture book and would appreciate some input.

Here's the background:

-I will be underpaid, and want to supplement my potential earnings.
-Payment is by author not publisher.  Author wants to pay flat out vs a
royalty. I agree, but since the budget is far far below standard fees, I
would like some kind of royalty if the book does well.
I also want some incentive/interest in the ongoing success of the book.
-The author does not want to be burdened with yearly statement (royalty
figures). Who pays royalties (always the publisher?) Are the income figures
in the hands of the author or publisher? Years ago, I was paid flat out for
illustrations (not simply and advance) plus I received half of the author's
royalties (2.5%). I never received any statements regarding any income the
book received. Perhaps there were no royalites to share, perhaps there
were. I never knew.

I have no gripe with the low budget, but I do want to share in any success
of the publication, and I want to have some incentive to promote it.

I will own full copyright of the illustrations, the originals, and will ask
for x numbers of copies, and the opportunity to purchase extra copies at
cost--which will probably be close to retail.

Originally, the publisher and author assumed I would also do the layout,
font choosing, text formatting, cover design, etc. as part of my job. Due
to my time restraints, and my recommendation, they will hire a layout
person. I assume they have little idea of the time involved in creating the
artwork, and in the pre-publication work.

Any thoughts/advice?



Gretchen Halpert
Scientific Illustration Distance Program

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