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Other cheap and simple solutions are portfolio only sites like Not very customizable, but free, and clean interface, easy to post, and a fun way to check out inspiring art from others. Behance prosite ( gives you a little more customization and lets you use your url. I think it's around $10/month, and alternatively, it's included in an Adobe CS Cloud membership. This is what I use. It's still not very customizable, but I love the simplicity and not having to worry about whether the code is updated for all the current gadgets. (despite the simplicity, I update my website once a year at most)

Other similar options:, They're all dedicated portfolio sites. $6-8/mo. If you google those names with 'alternatives' you can probably find similar sites, some which are probably free.

Good luck!

p.s. I started an email to this effect, but then deleted it. Doesn't look like it sent, but please forgive me if this is duplicated info.

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Britt Griswold
January 4, 2016 at 12:22 PM

People should expect to spend $100-$300 a year on a site that they can customize, or is really easy to use:

If they want cheap and easy, then you are down to things like a Facebook page.

If you are up for cheap, something like

Britt Griswold

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Hi All,
I'm getting ready to teach a new class for me for our Botanical Art and Illustration program on preparing for their future art career. One of the items that I will be covering is web portfolios.

My website was designed by a friend and I paid more money than most our student's would be willing to spend. Most of our students are also older and not very web savvy either.

Are any of you familiar with places that our student's could pay a minimal fee or provide free templates? I am going to encourage them to join the ASBA and let them know about Botanical Artistry. Are there other botanically oriented websites out there that I am ignorant of?




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