Reminds me of Windows 10, which works quite well, but is a walking (sitting?) sales instrument.  You should see what's installed on the start menu; everything from the weather, two news stations, music store, to the latest fashions.  Even the search menu, called Cortana, funnels your search requests to the web through a server MSN uses to "follow" your every whim.  Finally got rid of all that junk, including Cortana, who I once considered asking, "Esta una Latina?"  Can only imagine the eyebrows going up at MSN with that one. Now the search menu actually searches files in my computer....who'd a thought that was its purpose?


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Hello All, and Happy New Year.

I guess this is a rant. I purchased a new 4-in-one printer last year. My old model (lasted for years) with the exact features, started an alignment and head-cleaning phase prior to every print. I got tired of that after six months and got a new printer. But didn't take the new one out of the box until I had used up the new color cartridges in the old one, and that was a few months. 

I needed just an office-grade copier/fax/scanner/printer, to do simple things. This new one, an HP 66700 Premium, has never worked like its predecessor. I have not investigated it thoroughly, with my schedule right now, but I am fed up with it. With their automatic set up, it wanted to connect to the web. I see no reason to do this, I don't want to get the weather on my printer screen. It does too much, and not much of what I want it to (there is one rant....). 

Almost immediately, it said it was out of ink! Granted, I kept it in the box for a while. Those teeny tiny cartridges are ridiculous. I've not printed 15 color copies from the life of the machine. Possibly the cartridges it came with are tiny, and the replacements are larger (that could happen).

But my continued rant is in the latest pop-up Error Message, telling me a "Counterfeit Cartridge Advisory, This cartridge is NOT a new, genuine HP cartridge."  Interesting. How did that happen? There is a button that "Was this cartridge sold to you as a new, genuine HP-branded cartridge that has not been previously used?" I clicked YES. Then, it displays a Report Suspected Fraud link and "Continue" to keep using the cartridge. I clicked "continue" and it shows me links to "Shop Online". 

AND, if it can determine a counterfeit cartridge, why can't it scan/copy/or fax?  

As an aside, I also have quality scanner, a Microtec ScanMakeri800, and a HP lazerprinter, so I can get work completed, but the 4-in-one was useful. 

I give up. Real soon, it's gonna be an Epson.
Rant Over.
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