OH, that is so funny!!!!!!!!

Even now it tracks all my shopping searches. I took my laptop into a meeting and wound up searching for a map or something, and UP POPS in the right column, flashing across the page was my shopping selection of socks..... Prior to my next meeting, I'll shop for another chain saw or something. 

Lessons learned!
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On Jan 13, 2016, at 12:30 PM, Bruce Bartrug wrote:

Reminds me of Windows 10, which works quite well, but is a walking (sitting?) sales instrument.  You should see what's installed on the start menu; everything from the weather, two news stations, music store, to the latest fashions.  Even the search menu, called Cortana, funnels your search requests to the web through a server MSN uses to "follow" your every whim.  Finally got rid of all that junk, including Cortana, who I once considered asking, "Esta una Latina?"  Can only imagine the eyebrows going up at MSN with that one. Now the search menu actually searches files in my computer....who'd a thought that was its purpose?



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