I thought of that. Coscto offers a $7 refill with a coupon or something. 
But it's in Tucson, 100 miles away, and I wondered if the "spigits" in the printer would dry out by the time I spent the day in Tucson and got home. But maybe I"ll try Costco next time. 

Good idea and thanks for reminding me.
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On Jan 13, 2016, at 4:50 PM, Deborah Shaw wrote:

> Possible tip on ink cartridge costs:
> If you have a CostCo nearby, they have an authorized refill service for inkjet cartridges on the brands/models they carry, which is a considerable inventory. MUCH, much cheaper than purchasing. You bring in your empties (only the full sized, not the initial “little” cartridges that ship with the printers), and they’ll refill them while you shop. Supposedly, because they are an “authorized” service, the printer thinks the cartridge is still a genuine HP or Epson cartridge. 
> I haven’t tried it yet, but intend to for my small, desktop HP Officejet Pro 8625. Haven’t had any problems with this printer, which we use for run-of-the-mill average printing… Hope I didn’t just jinx it…
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