It sounds like the two spams I received of late.  


If he sends you, or you receive, a check or money order, do NOT assume that
it is good, especially if it is significantly more than is owed…the
“overpayman scam” the cops call it.


And if he says there is urgency in sending art, don’t send it anyway, until
your financial institution has assured you that the check was good and that
the cash has been received by them.  What I did with the first one was
simply phone the company the check was from and discovered it was not valid.
I stopped communicating with him, but via my viewing pane I see he is now
threatening legal action, which, of course, is just an intimidation
tactic…his check was fraudulent!  The second never replied once I explained
that I would be glad to sell him art, but because of scams I’d have to clear
any payment in advance.   Never heard from him again<G>.


The police told me, as well, not to open any e-mails from this person.  It
is hard to guard against these queries for some of us because we do get
“cold” requests for art.  I can see the e-mail’s contents, and so I just
ignore them.


In the past I would sell to first time buyers without any down payment…a
naïve and bad practice, I know, but I was never cheated.  Now for the ones
that are new, first time patrons, I simply explain what happened and that I
must receive payment in advance and that must be cleared by my bank.   


Good luck.






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Hi Sci-Art List-servers.

I just received a query from a man in CA who would like to purchase some art
for his house. His name is David Williams and he has a gmail address. Has
anyone else gotten such a query? I'm thinking it may be spam - however with
a gmail address, that seems a bit strange.



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