I had the time to call HP and discuss the printer issues with these "Counterfeit Cartridges Advisory". Took 1.75 hours. 
Spoke to a very nice tech, who took lots of notes, we tried to get the machine to act right, but it refused to even clear it's screen after getting in a maintenance loop. He was curious why in addition to the cartridge issue, it would not Copy or Fax..

During the process, I found that I had purchased an extended warranty! (totally forgotten). So, after speaking to a hardware supervisor, another very nice person, he said they should just replace the printer.

So, rather than spend time figuring little things out, I'll just ship it back to them, and they will ship me a new one. I'll call tech this time to help me set it up. These new machines do so many things that I don't need (such as connect to the web). Plus he told me it would work with my older OS on the Mac.  

So, I'll postpone my search for an Epson, since this one is covered by my $19 extended warranty. I guess that was a good purchase, for I don't often buy those (except for AppleCare- that's a MUST).  


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