This is allowed in Canada as well and our system is very much like the USA system in that there is a set limit on in-house appraisals, external appraiser(s) are required over that limit and they must submit credentials to Revenue Canada for prior approval as an appraiser.  Our donation systems emphasizes 'fair market value' so a system of valuation based on replacement costs or costs of acquiring the specimens is not acceptable.  

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Is the US the only country that allows 'donations' of specimens to museums to be tax deductible?  I can't help feeling that the system must cause more problems than necessary in the acqusition of specimens and collection by museums.

Best wishes


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My recipient institution, Michigan State University, made it clear to me that they will not accept anything in or above the magic $5,000 range without an outside appriasal.  I must find the appraiser, and provide the appraisal to MSU. It was explained to me that if my appraisal is suspect, it opens the door for IRS to review all donations to MSU, which could have a giant snowball effect involving everyone making donations to MSU no matter if a few moths or a couple million $$.  In my case, MSU is going to be very fussy about accepting my gifts to make certain I am within the law.  IOW, they will refuse to accept my gift unless I take necessary precautions to keep IRS at bay.  I applaud them for that.

Now that all my collecting is in National Parks, I do not take any deductions for the specimens because it could be argued that I am making $$ on something that belongs to the Federal Government.

I do not want to get MSU in trouble.  Not only would it be criminal on my part, it would hurt them badly.  I'll stay away from the whole thing.

When I lived in Columbus, Ohio, I did appraisals for OSU.  I only used sales catalogues from dealers to determine the Fair Market Value.  I found that Fair Market Value is usually a lot less than the donors wanted to believe.  My response was "Then sell it to someone else, and your sale will help set the fair market value."  I never had any takers.  I was not working for OSU, yet I have a deep sense of loyalty to them, and I would not want to be involved in any IRS investigation.

Cheers to all from sunny and warm (60 f) southern New Mexico where I had moths in my black light traps this morning. The temp got well below freezing over night in the desert, yet not before the moths came.

Eric H. Metzler

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