Greetings to the Greatest Kingdom of the Knowne Worlde, Calontir!

I come to you with a request for help from your Calvary. The past several
years have seen the Calontir Cavalry host at least half (sometimes MORE) of
all the equestrian activities at Gulf Wars - from Mounted Combat, to Youth
Classes, to Barding classes, to Challenges and games, to Running Lists
Roundtables. This year is no different! AND, it sees the return of one of
the more beloved activities of the Knowne Worlde riders - the Torchlight
Tournament! The Honorable Lady Katrin, the co-creator of this Tournament,
will again be in attendance at Gulf Wars and will be hosting this activity
on *Wednesday evening, 7pm-9pm*. As such, we will need many hands to make
this tournament run smoothly.

    But Eowyth, you might ask, I don't have a horse, how can I help?!

Never fear, fine steed-less Calontiri Brethren - We have jobs for you! I've
linked below to a few articles that may help you and of course, if you show
up on Wednesday night, I'll give you a job to do. It might be holding a
marshal's horse (Kacey likes carrots) or resetting reeds or helping our
scorekeeper (maybe you're a scorekeeper?) or heralding or any other number
of duties required for a successful tournament. Don't worry - we'll put you
to work.

    But Eowyth, you might inquire, it's the same night as Midnight Madness
- what if I want to go shopping?!

I say to you that we will not impede your shopping! But consider making us
a stop along your shopping route. After all, sometimes one must give an
item a few moments before making the decision to purchase. Come by the
field, lend a hand for 30 minutes, then head back to the Merchants and pick
up that beautiful new pair of boots. Many hands make for light work and I
know how much Calontir supports her equestrians - if everyone gives just a
little time, this tournament will be smoooooth as a Falcon's Wing!

   But Eowyth, you might realize, I simply can't lend a hand. Is there
something else I can do?

To that, I say, YES! Do you have an incinetron that you're bringing to war?
Can we borrow it? We are trying to move to a more Medieval (i.e. Actual
Torchlight Tournament), but the only way to move away from the glow sticks
seen in previous years, is to ... wait for it... have more torches! We are
working with the Gulf Wars staff to obtain site incinetrons, but the
reality is that we need more than they'll be able to provide. So... If you
have an incinetron, please consider letting us borrow it for Wednesday
evening. We can pick it up prior to the tournament and drop it off
following the conclusion. Because we have trucks. ;-)

   But Eowyth, you plead, I can't help on Wednesday... How else can I help?

Well, Calontir is also hosting a Challenge on *Monday, from 10am-12pm*.
Consider ground crewing or water bearing or helping score at that! The
Honorable Lady Rhiannon is running that Challenge, and she will also need
many hands to make the Challenge run smoothly. She will also be running the
Mounted Archery Tournament on *Wednesday, 11am-1pm*. It's difficult to
collect arrows when one is on Horseback, so extra hands (and eyes) are
ALWAYS appreciated for this activity.

I will also need ground crew to help with the Jousting Classes and the
Jousting Tournaments happening throughout the week. As those plans
solidify, I'll be posting the schedule.

Throughout the week, water-bearers would NOT be turned away during the
Mounted Combat scenarios as well as the Jousting Tournaments.

Calontir - Please consider helping your cavalry. 30 minutes here and 20
minutes there means some of us marshals might actually get to sit down (or
participate). ;-) I promise... It will be worth your while. Why?

          Because Ponies...

Ever In Service (and Fun),

Baroness Eowyth þa Siðend

Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions, to volunteer, to offer an
incinetron, etc. :-)
And please forward this to any group/household/etc lists who might hold an
unknowing volunteer!

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