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February Friday 12th, (after work hours), Saturday 13th, & Sunday 14th

At Áine nic Taillieur’s Manor

Reported by Johanne of Fisher Gate

It’s that time of year again. Bring your latest project and join us for a
weekend of fun and camaraderie. A number of people have offered to teach
just about anything you might like to learn, such as bobbin lace, kumihimo,
tablet weaving, pick-up inkle weaving, netting, spinning, needle felting,
felting, knitting, nalbinding, sprang, bookbinding, etc. We don’t normally
schedule formal classes but contact me, *Johanne*, via
*[log in to unmask]
<[log in to unmask]>* ahead of time so I can let people know if
you want a particular class or for info on supplies you might need. Also
contact me if there is something YOU would like to teach so I can let
people know. Áine has a huge sewing/craft room, so if you would like to
bring your sewing machine and work on garb, there will be space. As people
contact me with things they would like to learn, or to teach, I will be
sending out updates.

We have a wonderful time sharing, visiting and getting to know each other
better. If you do anything involving string, fiber or fiber techniques in
any form, this is the place for you. Lasair will have her merchant booth
set up with a wealth of fiber goodies.

Friday night we visit and settle in. Saturday will be spent visiting and
working on projects or swimming . . . yes, swimming. Áine has an indoor
pool, so bring your suits and towels. There is also an elevator for those
of us who are stair challenged. We will have a pot luck Saturday evening,
and more work and visiting. Sunday we usually make a run to Yarn Barn and
have lunch in Lawrence, KS. You are welcome to come all weekend or just one

There are ample kitchen facilities and refrigeration. Bring your own snacks
and drinks and something for the potluck on Saturday. We never coordinate
it and it is always exceptional.

There will be plenty of table space and chairs, but if you want to be
assured of comfort, bring your favorite portable chair.

For those of you with allergies, there are no indoor animals (unless you
count the occasional bunnies who come as guests).

This part doesn’t apply to day trippers. There is space for sleeping but,
due to fire codes, the space will be a bit more limited than in the past on
a first reply, first serve basis. However, Lasair has offered to provide
crash space for the overflow. Many of you have been to Lasair’s house. We
held Bobbin & Weaving there for three years after it outgrew my house. When
requesting sleeping space, please copy me (*[log in to unmask]
<[log in to unmask]>*) AND Áine (*[log in to unmask]
<[log in to unmask]>*) so we can stay coordinated.

Unfortunately, a number of movies were misplaced the last few years and
never showed up again, so the theater will not be open. Those of you who
usually plan to sleep there will not be able to. I will send out a list of
the people who have already replied to either Áine or myself. Please
respond if your plans have changed or if we somehow missed you. Some of us
will be bunking in the huge, heated garage. Whichever place you sleep, you
will need to bring your own sleeping gear. There are also motels close by.
If anyone wants motel info, please let me know.

The estate gate closes at midnight. If you will be arriving after that
time, Friday night, please call Áine to let her know. If you need
directions, contact Áine or me.

If you have any other questions, just contact me via
*[log in to unmask]
<[log in to unmask]> *.
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