Well, looks like Virginia requires a permit to collect insects and charges for that permit.

might be a bigger problem than we realized.

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When they stop spraying landscapes, and paving the lands,  Iíll take that rule seriously.

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Subject: collecting permits in the U.S. or Canada

Dear all,

I am interested in collecting data on any agencies in the U.S. that collect a fee for issuing collecting permits for terrestrial insects that are not protected or endangered. If so, how much do they charge? If you can please send me a value and link, I will collect the data and report back to the group.

California Department of Fish and Wildlife in now enforcing a scientific collecting permit ($420) for the collection of any terrestrial native insect (invertebrate), including those that are not protected (<>).

I am not interested in those agencies that issue permits but do not charge a fee (I know there are lots of those).

I would like to find out if there is anything similar to what CDFW is applying elsewhere.

Please respond to me individually.

Many thanks,

John Heraty

University of California
Riverside, CA