(((Forwarding at the request of Sayyida Khayra al-Tayyiba, Chancellor for TRH Ealdormere)))

Their Majesties Ealdormere have given Their Heirs, Prince Nigel and Princess Adrielle, authority to command Their great northern army as we travel south to support our allies at Gulf Wars.

Their Royal Highnesses are much loved throughout the known world and retinue is a wonderful way to show that love and to highlight the graciousness of our southern cousins, as well as to help experience the many different parts of what War has to offer.

I humbly beseech those people traveling from their own warm hearths to the warring south to consider offering a bit of time toward Entourage for Their Royal Highnesses Ealdormere while They campaign abroad. There will be much to see and do while lending your time: Revelry, combat, meetings, competitions, and many other events will be taking place. Trust when I say everyone will be able to find something that interests them should they wish to volunteer!

Their Royal Highnesses schedule is included on the signup and will be continually updated to include new activities as war draws nearer. You can find that sign up here: Sign-Up Genius

If anyone wishes to sign up at Gulf Wars the schedule will be posted at the Ealdormere Royalty Cabin. I can be reached via email at [log in to unmask] or by Facebook message until I depart Thursday evening.

Warmest regards and most sincere thanks,
Sayyida Khayra al-Tayyiba
Chancellor for TRH Ealdormere

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