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April 2 at the College of Bellewode (Truman University, Kirksville, MO)

Site Opens at 8am
Classes begin at 9am

Site fee $8
Non-member surcharge: $5

There will be a donation snack bar (proceeds go to Relay for Life).
There are many purveyors of modern eats very near site.

The Ball and Grill:
Immediately after classes end, the event will move to a nearby park. The
traditional Bellewode Ball will start at 4:30. Grill opens at 6pm. Bring
your own grillables, and we will cook them up!

This year there will be an entire Cut and Thrust track of classes. There
will also be a C&T list field set up for those wishing to play.

Some of the classes:
Scribal Track:
• English Illumination in 1066 (taught by Judith Champcenest)
• Exploring the Sestina Poetry form (taught by Dulcibella de Chateaurien)
• Exploring Sonnets (taught by Dulcibella de Chateaurien)
• How to Draw (taught by Caoimhin McKee)
• Introduction to Calligraphy (taught by Aidan Cocrinn)
• Playing With Period Pigments (taught by Jehanne Bening)
• Pre-Print Painting Basics (taught by Aidan Cocrinn)
• Taking the Leap: Moving from Painting Preprints to Doing Original Scrolls
(taught by Aidan Cocrinn)

Heraldic Track:
• Heraldic Consultation Table on a Budget (taught by Dorcas Whitecap)
• Heraldic Marshalling: Dos and Don’ts (taught by Zaneta Baseggio)
• Heraldic Roundtable and Farble (taught by Modar Neznanich)
• The Naming of Cats: Nicknames as Surnames (taught by Miklos Farma)
• Period German Rolls of Arms (taught by Modar Neznanich)
• Signs Used in the SCA for Silent Heraldry (taught by Nesscia inghean

Dance Track:
• Advanced English Country Dance (taught by Rowan Houndskeeper)
• English Country Square Dances (taught by Rowan Houndskeeper)

Cut and Thrust Track:
• Beginner’s Cut & Thrust (taught by Gawin Kappler)
• Introduction to Cut & Thrust (taught by Gawin Kappler)
• Delivering Cuts and Thrusts (taught by Gawin Kappler)
• “Time” in combat (taught by Gawin Kappler)
• Use of the Sword and Secondary in Cut & Thrust (taught by Gawin Kappler)

Other Classes:
• Awards and Sumptuary Laws of Calontir (taught by Alexandra Vazquez de
• Care and Feeding of Volunteer-like Creatures: Volunteer Management in the
SCA (taught by Konstantia Kaloethina)
• Cotehardie: The Gothic Fitted Dress (taught by Magdalena vander Meere)
• Knots! (taught by Gawin Kappler and Verena Naeherin)
• Medieval Stories for Mature Audiences (taught by Cathus the Curious)
• Teaching Classes in the SCA: A Roundtable (taught by Cathus the Curious)

Contact the event steward with questions or for crash space:
Aledis Zophilare – [log in to unmask]

Class schedule

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