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March 26, A.S. 50

On the tourney field:
a boon was begged for Valdríkr inn Danski to be elevated to the Chivalry
Vakri Valdrickrsson – Iren Hirth

In evening court:
Saito Takauji is the new Gold Falcon Principal Herald
Konstantia Kaloethina was created a Herald Extraordinary
Lucrezia Contarini – AoA
Alexander Baton – AoA
Chrystopher Wotjowicz – Leather Mallet
Michael Eriksson – King’s Favor, AoA

Other court news:
Crystal Mynes presented largess
Ameline de Coity won the Rose in Any Medium competition
Antonia Stefani – 1st place in the Largess competition
Kathryn Dagget – 2nd place in the Largess competition
13 people received Newcomer mugs, 4 of them were children
Dani of Oakheart and Freya won prizes in the Children’s Activities egg hunt
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