Greetings Calontir!

Their Highnesses have been overwhelmed with your good wishes and offers of assistance.  Thank you all for your kind words and willingness to help Them.  As such, I wanted to provide everyone with three important names from Their Highnesses' Royal Household that you may wish to know about in case you also wish to offer assistance.  I have tried to pass along all the names I've already been given, but you may wish to contact these staff members just in case, even if you've previously offered assistance. 

Her Excellency Brialen will be head of household/retinue coordinator. If you wish to serve on retinue, please contact her: [log in to unmask]

Her Excellency Liriel Corell has volunteered to coordinate the Royal wardrobe. If you would like to help in that effort, please contact her: [log in to unmask]

Her Excellency Almedha has agreed to coordinate largess. If you would like to make things or coordinate such an effort in your local group, please contact her: [log in to unmask]

For all other questions, comments, or offers of help, please contact me.  ([log in to unmask])

Thank you Calontir!  You continue to inspire and amaze.

Countess Gwen A'Brooke
I like paying taxes. With them I buy civilization.                        Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes , Jr., attributed

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