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Subject: [MAGMOR] Fwd: Project Resource - for 3/29 mtg.
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Subject: Project Resource - for 3/29 mtg.
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Jerry, Bob, Mark,
Here are a couple of documents for discussion at our Tuesday meeting ( 
on 3/29, 7 pm, at 441 Christensen Court).  One is a draft timeline, the 
other is a case-making tool -- a "what if SMoC disappeared" approach.

I will also share the "what if" with Aaron, as he expressed an interest 
at Vestry meeting.  We'll tap into whatever insights he can bring until 
he leaves for his PhD program elsewhere this summer.

I will also invite Larry Rezicek to attend on Tuesday, if he is still 
interested after reviewing the Project Resource website that I shared 
with all the Vestry members.  Those were the only two who expressed 
interest at the Vestry meeting.   We could use one or two others -- we 
need to go through the parish list together and consider who else to ask.

Have you talked with Holly about Facebook-ing for SMoC?


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