Taina - how does this sound?


Taina Litwak, long-time GNSI member and Smithsonian illustrator was 
recently interviewed by her intern, Jessa Thurman, on Scientific 
Illustration: Then and Now. This two-part interview focuses first on the 
life and accomplishments of Maria Sibylla Merian, a founding ‘mother’ of 
illustration; the second part discusses the importance of scientific 
illustration in today’s world. Jessica has posted the interview as a 
Naked Ape talk, and you can download the podcast as well.

On 3/3/16 10:14 AM, Taina Litwak wrote:
> Hi All -
> One of our interns did an interview with me about Scientific illustration while she was at SI and put it together as a show that aired it on her local college radio show.
> Here is the link to the blog post she did about the radio show.  The link to download the pod cast show is at the bottom of the blog post.
> (blog post):
> (podcast):

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