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Taina Litwak, long-time GNSI member and Smithsonian illustrator was recently interviewed by her intern, Jessa Thurman, on Scientific Illustration: Then and Now. This two-part interview focuses first on the life and accomplishments of Maria Sibylla Merian, a founding ‘mother’ of illustration; the second part discusses the importance of scientific illustration in today’s world. Jessica has posted the interview as a Naked Ape talk, and you can download the podcast as well.

On 3/3/16 10:14 AM, Taina Litwak wrote:
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Hi All -

One of our interns did an interview with me about Scientific illustration while she was at SI and put it together as a show that aired it on her local college radio show.  
Here is the link to the blog post she did about the radio show.  The link to download the pod cast show is at the bottom of the blog post.

(blog post): 

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