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Dear John,

first of all, I would recommend the textbook we have recently compiled
here in Bremen, "The Microeconomics of Complex Economies".
You can find the text here:
On the textbook website, there are also supplementary materials such
as teaching slides for some of the chapters:

There was also a review by Sidonia von Proff in the JEI last year,

I have to add that only the first few chapters are indtroductory; much
of the book is at the intermediate or advanced level. However, we are
using it in our introductory course and we know that other colleagues
in other schools use it as well.

Besides our textbook, there are to my knowledge a few more heterodox
micro texts.

I know that Duncan Foley and Sam Bowles have recently been working on
a micro textbook, but I do not know if it is already published.

Further, there is an introductory microeconomics textbook
"Microeconomics: A Fresh Start" by Peter Dorman:

I am sure that there are a few more very good heterodox micro
textbooks around that I am not presently aware of.

I hope this helps; best wishes from Bremen,


On 04/05/2016 06:57 PM, John Watkins wrote:
> We are currently trying to decide a book for a standard micro
> principles class. One of my colleagues heading the micro-rebuild
> committee has recommended Mankiw's book. Besides the protests over
> Mankiw's failure to provide alternative views, for those going
> through similar searches, I refer you to Melanie Long's Senior
> Thesis<
> where she compares the six bestselling micro texts to Marshall's
> Principles focusing on Mankiw's methodology. Not surprisingly, she
> has found biases (I know, no surprise here) in Mankiw's survey of
> economists' preferences among other issues. Question: does anyone
> have recommendations for a micro text that is well written, but
> does not serve as a complete apology for the status quo? Thank you
> so much, John Watkins

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Torsten Heinrich, PhD
Institute for Institutional and Innovation Economics (iino)
Department of Business Studies & Economics
University of Bremen
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