This is not a complete micro book but it has an excellent perspective. 

Joe Pluta’s An Evolutionary Alternative to Mainstrream Microeconomics. (2015)




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We are currently trying to decide a book for a standard micro principles class. One of my colleagues heading the micro-rebuild committee has recommended Mankiw’s book. Besides the protests over Mankiw’s failure to provide alternative views, for those going through similar searches, I refer you to Melanie Long’s Senior Thesis where she compares the six bestselling micro texts to Marshall’s Principles focusing on Mankiw’s methodology. Not surprisingly, she has found biases (I know, no surprise here) in Mankiw’s survey of economists’ preferences among other issues.

Question: does anyone have recommendations for a micro text that is well written, but does not serve as a complete apology for the status quo? Thank you so much,

John Watkins