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Lady Lora Ann Ros of Dragon Rose passed beyond the veil the evening of
April 21st.  She is survived by her husband Friedrich von Blumenkamp and
son Liam Drake.

The SCA found Lora Ann and Friedrich while they were vending at a Ren
Faire. She was an honored member of the Barony of Lonely Tower until the
family moved to Barony of Forgotten Sea a few years ago.

She enjoyed archery and bardic immensely, receiving a Golden Calon Swan for
bardic and a Boga Fyrd in archery. She also enjoyed cooking and
costuming, and was fiercely loyal to those she loved (and vocal!).

What she is probably most widely known for was her work with falcons. She
once told the story that Friedrich woke her up one night and asked her if
she realized that falconry was legal. She went back to sleep, knowing that
there were birds in her future. She also worked with raptor recovery and
nursed several birds back to health.

A memorial service is being planned by Lady Glenna Geis Garten, in Council
Bluffs, IA, but date and other details are not available at this time. Lora
Ann is being cremated in garb since she felt most of her happiest times
were in the SCA as most of her happiest times.

*Editors note: * Thanks to Lady Glenna Geis Garten

Lady Lora Ann Ros of Dragon Rose

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