Greetings All!

War College in the Shire of Amlesmore will soon be upon us May 7th near Middle Grove, 
Missouri. It is FREE, FREE, FREE!!! It is a free event with a free inn Saturday. The site is 
flat and perfect for combat.The only thing you might trip on is a fallen fellow fighter. People 
can authorize to fight or reauthorize to fight on site. 

In addition to the fighting, there will be an A&S competition Saturday.  Submissions to the 
A&S competition should be a roundtuit in any medium. Please come and show off your 

Finally, there will be a post revel Saturday night with a bonfire complete with songs and 
tales around the fire. This is a camping event, folks can camp on site from noon Friday to 
noon Sunday. There will be primitive showers so you can get the sweat and dirt of the day 
off.  For more information check out the event flyer at:

Note: Please use the map linked to the flyer to get to the site. Do not trust your GPS.

In Service,
Lord Hubert de Stockleye
Huntsville Community Club

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