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Subject: FW: Well Deserved Thank-You's

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Subject: Well Deserved Thank-You's
Unto their Most Soverign Majesties and the People of the Fair Kingdom of Calontir
From Jalali of Salamis, OL
Come these Happy Words and Warm Greetings!
Gulf War XXV has come and gome. We survived it all, for the most part, in reasonably good stead.  Now, that most of us have had the opportunity to get many things taken care of,  as the Head of the Department of Cry Heralds for Gulf Wars XXV, I would like to take this opportunity to Thank all of the fine and outstanding Gentles who gave of their time and themselves to volunteer at Cry Heralds this season.  We had participants from 6 Kingdoms this season in the areas of Cry Heraldry, Silent Cry Heraldry, & Equestrian Cry Heraldry (Brand new this year!).
Please know that is is these fine people who made Cry Heralds possible at Gulf Wars XXV:
From the Kingdom of Trimaris:
Gareth de Taunton
Marie le Mains
From the Kingdom of Atlantia:
Seamus de Maxwell
From the Kingdom Of Ansteorra:
Ivo Blackhawk (, my Deputy and the New Dept. head of Cry Heralds for 2017!!!)
Thomas Blackhawk
Trace Nurre
Kevin the Broken
Isabella de Rodrigues ( my ever steadfast assistant)
Delesse de Beaumarcheis
From the Kingdom of Calontir:
Nesscia Inghean Chearnaigh
From the Kingdom of Meridies:
Ulrich Eisenhand
Alexander Ravenscroft
From the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann:
Olyeg the Quiet
Good Soverigns, these folk are the gems in Your Crowns!  Be proud of them!
As for myself, I am grateful beyond measure to have had the privilege of working with such great folk as these.
Jalali of Salamis, OL

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