Brilliant, Taina!  Thanks so much for this good news!


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Hi all -  Great news!  

Almost every presentation and workshop on our program for this year's annual meeting has been approved by the College Board certifying committee (that the AMI manages) for Continuing Education Units (CEUs).  Many GNSI members are also AMI members, though I do not know the current number of joint memberships.  

So, for those who need CEU credits to maintain a Medical Illustration Board Certification (CMI) it will be very easy to get credits for attending the GNSI presentations!  Also, these are good for those who need CEU credits for a teaching degree.  The ones not preapproved by the AMI committee are the some that deal with k-12 education, or travel biology narratives, as these topics fall outside of their continuing ed. catagories.  If you teach school and need CEUs, it is likely those presentations could be approved by whatever organization keeps track of teacher certifications.

My hearty thanks to the wonderful AMI committee folks who did the through review and will get all that entered onto their website.




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