Hello Everyone!

The Entomological Collections Network is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit,
charitable organization.  We are now registered with the Amazon Smile
Program to receive 0.5% donations from Amazon for purchases through

I have so far found no differences in what you can purchase on and

When you purchase through, you can choose to select
your charitable organization.  Please choose the Entomological Collections

I have read the fine print and this is a legitimate program.  Here is a
link to read more information if you are curious:

My take on this is that Amazon probably has a few pet charities that they
donate to, and the rest of their charitable donations are primarily for tax
purposes.  So they are building customer loyalty by doing this program.

Feel free to share this information and spread the word.  I am curious how
much we will receive from this program, but Amazon guarantees that we will
get at least $5 every calendar quarter.  There really is no downside to
this, and there is potential for a little extra revenue to be generated.

All the best!

Treasurer, ECN