Hi Everyone,
Just as a reminder, there is an ECN Hotel Reservations link for making hotel reservations for the ECN meeting: https://resweb.passkey.com/go/ICEECN2016. This option has hotels that are closest to the ECN meeting, but are not as close to the ICE/ESA venue. The reservations were set up so that we would have rooms available for Thursday and Friday for our meeting.

A couple of updates, however:

- The ESA/ICE hotel reservation site also has the option to book on Thursday and Friday, with other hotels that are closer to the ICE/ESA venues, so if you don't find what you're looking for on the ECN website, you can still check there.
- Most of the hotels at this point have a wait list for Friday night, regardless of whether you book with the ECN block or through ESA/ICE. This is a problem with the hotels, not the reservation system to find the hotels in either block (it appears they oversold Friday night). I'm not sure whether there is anything we can do to push our priority since we actually are having a meeting on Saturday, but that is the situation as of now.
- We we will be closing the ECN sub-block on May 1st. This is to prevent us incurring a penalty for any unbooked rooms, and the rooms will be released to the ESA/ICE members at that point. You still will be able to book a room through the ESA/ICE reservation site, but will not necessarily get priority on the hotels closest to the ECN venue.
       Thank you,
Katrina Menard
Sam Noble Museum
Dr. Katrina Menard
Assistant Staff Curator of Recent Invertebrates
t. 405.325.6810
f. 405.325.7699
Sam Noble Museum
University of Oklahoma
2401 Chautauqua Ave. Norman, OK 73072-7029
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