What good news this is, Florent!  Thanks for telling us!


On 3/31/16 10:33 AM, Florent Dubois wrote:
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Dear 5 Bank Streeters,


I’m very pleased to inform you that My Ántonia will be on the syllabus of the agrégation d’anglais in France for the next two years. (The agrégation is a national competitive examination that is held once a year and is designed to recruit high school teachers. In the humanities it is often an implicit requirement if you want to get funding for a PhD as its high selectivity is regarded as a good way to assess the student’s level in a given subject. In English there are usually about 2000 candidates for 200 positions.)


French universities will probably hold a few symposia on My Ántonia next year to help the candidates (and their teachers) know the novel better.


Best regards to everyone,


Florent Dubois

PhD candidate

Université Paris Diderot-Paris VII (Université Sorbonne Paris Cité)