Hello AFEELAND re income distribution

Thanks to Charley Clark for mentioning our book that came out on inequality before it had become widely recognized as a problem:

Inequality: Radical Institutionalist Views on Race, Gender, Class and Nation. Edited by William M. Dugger. Westport, Connecticut, 1996. The contributors wrote many remarkable essays, including Marc Tool's "Choose Equality," which in my opinion is the best short essay he ever wrote explaining his normative and discretionary takes on economics. Charley Clark's essay is also an exceptional empirical treatment of income distribution issues and Jim Peach's chapter is the best statistical analysis I have seen on income distribution inequality by county, believe it or not, in the USA. Jim Horner's essay on the war on drugs in the USA as a mode of inequality is a gem--a neglected pioneering work that was twenty years ahead of its time. I could go on for much longer about the rest of the chapters but urge good AFEEFOLX to look for themselves to find their own favorites by more than a few contemporary radical institutionalists.

We were right on target, both then and now. But as Veblen himself knew full well, taking the lead has its costs. For further proof, take a look at my piece on taxing wealth in the JEI back toward the end of Marc Tool's run as editor.

William M. Dugger
Professor of Economics

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Bill Dugger edited a book on inequality in the mid 1990s (back 
when neoclassicals were still denying any rise in inequality).  It is filled with institutionalist perspectives.  Bills contribution is good start (classism, racism, sexism).  My own entry compares an institutional approach with what neoclassicals were saying, with lots of data).

Good luck
Charley Clark

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Dear AFEE folks,

I have a friend who is looking for the institutionalist perspective on income distribution and macroeconomics. As my work is concentrated on the history of institutionalism, I know that the institutionalists from the beginning of the twentieth-century published works on distribution and income growth. But, what about the modern institutionalists? 

Please, can someone point me a few essential and comprehensiveworks in this area of income distribution and macroeconomics? 

Thank you!

Marco Cavalieri.
Prof. Marco Antonio Ribas Cavalieri
Departamento de Economia
Programa de Pós-Graduação em Desenvolvimento Econômico
Universidade Federal do Paraná - UFPR

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Assunto: Comprovante de participação em banca de doutorado
Prezados colegas da PUC Minas,

Em 2015 tive o prazer de participar de uma banca de exame de tese de doutorado no seu programa de pós-graduação. A banca foi do aluno Leonardo Alves Corrêa, orientado pelo professor Álvaro Ricardo de Souza Cruz.

Eu preciso me inscrever em um processo seletivo interno da minha instituição, a UFPR e, para tanto, seria interessante possuir um certificado ou uma declaração referente à minha participação nessa banca de doutoramento. Tenho certeza que vocês me entregaram um certificado ou declaração na ocasião. Porém, desde o ano passado eu me encontro residindo em Chicago, Estados Unidos, em razão da realização de um pós-doutorado. Desse modo, não tenho como acessar minha cópia física da declaração ou certificado. 

Sendo assim, eu gostaria de saber se, por gentileza, vocês poderiam me enviar um certificado ou declaração digitalizados. 

Eu ficaria muito agradecido se vosso programa pudesse prestar esse favor para mim.

Agradeço desde já sua atenção.
Prof. Marco Antonio Ribas Cavalieri
Departamento de Economia
Programa de Pós-Graduação em Desenvolvimento Econômico
Universidade Federal do Paraná - UFPR