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Subject: [CALONTIR] March 2016 LOAR Results are In
Date: Sat, May 28, 2016 9:43 pm

Greetings to All,

The Armorial has been updated to reflect the items in this LOAR.

In Service,

Gunnar Thorisson

Vert Hawk Herald

CALONTIR acceptances 

* Alienor Walcott. Name.

The dated form of the byname in the Letter of Intent, Walcot' (with a scribal suspension), supports the spelling Walcote. In commentary, Ogress documented the submitted spelling in the FamilySearch Historical Records, dated to 1566.

* Caterine le jeune. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Commenters questioned the use of a masculine byname by a woman in French, although this pattern is documented in Middle English. The byname le Jeune was used by a woman in 1530 in "Names from Lallaing 1384 - 1600: Feminine Ekenames" by Domhnall na Moicheirghe ( As capitalization is variable in period French, the submitted form is plausible and can be registered.

* Charles von Bayrreuth. Name.

Charles is the submitter's legal given name, but is also an attested German name, found in the FamilySearch Historical Records, dated to 1622. Therefore, the submitter need not rely on the legal name allowance.

* Garsiyya al-Andalusi. Device. Sable, on a bezant, a crescent gules.

* Ketill Karlsson. Name.

* Mag Mor, Barony of. Order name Order of the Bull's Horn.

Bull's horns or buffalo's horns are found in German crests by the 14th century (see Gelre), and in the arms of von Pfiltz, dated to 1605 (Siebmacher). Bull's Horn is a lingua Anglica form.

CALONTIR returns  

* Caterine le jeune. Device. Azure, a chevron ermine between two mullets of four points and a sparrow volant bendwise sinister Or.

This device is returned for conflict with the device of Rainer Wulfgar: Azure, a chevron ermine between three griffins Or. Even if we decide to number the ermine spots on the chevron, as submitted on the Letter of Intent, there is no DC between a chevron charged in this manner with multple ermine spots and an ermine chevron. Thus, there is a DC for changing the type of secondary charges, but since birds can't be segreant and griffins may not be volant, we cannot get a second DC for posture.

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