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>> I am not even sure where to begin with all of the thank yous. So I will
>> tell you the story of my weekend.
>> Friday morning I woke up entirely nauseous, I made it into work and sat
>> here with my head on my knees just waiting to get out. I finally gave in
>> and went home at noon so that I could nap for a few before it was time to
>> hit the road. There was no way I was going to allow myself to be sick this
>> weekend. No Way. I took a 3 hour nap, got up and started to get the last
>> few items together to pack up into the truck as soon as the man got home. I
>> could barely even manage that the nausea was making me dizzy with every
>> move. As soon as the man made it home I tried to get up and start taking
>> stuff to the truck, my body was not having it, so my wonderful daughter and
>> man packed up the last of all the things for me. We hit the road. By the
>> time we made it to Sedalia I was starving. So we ate and all of a sudden I
>> was feeling immensely better. Thank God!
>> We arrived on site with just enough time to get the roof of our tent up
>> before the rain hit. Then we hung out with friends under the Tor pavilion,
>> which became our living room for the weekend. Every time the rain would let
>> up for a minute or two we would run out and try to set up some more of our
>> stuff. Then back under the Tor pavilion we went. Finally around midnight or
>> 1 am, I’m really not sure, the rain let up and my man got the bed put
>> together and I promptly climbed into it. He went out to the vigil, I was
>> too exhausted from not feeling well to do much of anything.
>> Saturday morning we woke up and I got everything straightened out in the
>> tent so that it would be ready to be the Vigil tent that evening. I
>> showered and met with Simonetta who braided my hair and hennaed my hands.
>> Then I waited, I went to court and waited. I watched Gaebbie, Hrefna, Aly
>> and Cincinatta prepare all the delicious Vigil food and I waited. It
>> probably wasn’t very long at all, but it felt like forever!
>> Their Majesties and Highnesses arrived and His Majesty asked if I was
>> ready, and I responded “Yes! Let’s get this show on the road!” I think I
>> was just anxious to get everything going .
>> We walked into the vigil chamber, which was just absolutely perfect. The
>> Peerage banners hung on all the walls, the oil lamps were full and ready to
>> be lit, and all the vigil pieces were assembled and ready to be spoken on.
>> The peers filed in, the faces of the people who have always inspired me to
>> do everything that makes me happy, they were there to witness this moment,
>> to share this moment with me. Peers who I have admired since I first joined
>> this group of wonderful people traveled from near and far to share with me
>> their words of wisdom and praise. People I have grown with, learned with,
>> experienced life with, worked with and loved with. They were there to share
>> this moment with me.
>> There were moments while I was sitting in my vigil chamber, I would look
>> around at the pools of simmering light coming off of the mosque lamps, I
>> would see the people milling about just outside, I could hear their
>> laughter, and the sounds of their joy, I could hear the drums and recorder,
>> I could see them dancing. I thought to myself “how could this be anymore
>> perfect”. Then I heard Fernando Singing the Veil and it was made more
>> perfect.
>> The night went by quickly and soon I was alone in my chamber pondering
>> the words that were spoken to me. I felt entirely loved and cherished by so
>> many people who I admire, love and cherish. I was removed from vigil and my
>> wonderful man and I snuggled into a cozy bed of sheepskins and pillows.
>> Sunday I woke and spent the day under the Tor pavilion with my extended
>> household and great friends. We ate leftover vigil food and talked the day
>> away. Many of my friends put the finishing touches on their Andalusian garb
>> that they had made to be a part of my ceremony. Then a few of us went out
>> to the creek and cooled our feet in the water. Then it was time to shower
>> and prepare for court.
>> I received a white Andalusian Qamisa embroidered with a Laurel wreath by
>> my Apprentice sister Cecily. Over this I wore the gold Durra’ made from a
>> replica silk called the Baghdadi fabric. I wrapped my head in a silk veil,
>> and I donned the white Tabard and walked to the back of court where
>> everyone who was a part of my ceremony was excitedly awaiting their part.
>> My Mistress Elianor was called in and everyone took their places to be
>> ready for the procession. Alessandra begin to play Lamma Badda on her
>> recorder, Dongal and Anton begin to drum the very complicated 10/8 drum
>> beat and Giovanna begin to sing the Arabic song with beauty, precision and
>> clarity beyond comparison. At this point Rahil, Cecilia and Gwendolyn begin
>> to dance in my procession with such grace and splendor that can never be
>> rivaled. The populace was captivated by their light steps, graceful turns
>> and elegant poses. I stood tall and proud of my friends, there is no more
>> perfect way to be led into court. It was everything I had ever imagined,
>> everything I have ever dreamed of.
>> I settled myself in front of Their Majesties, my belt and tabard were
>> removed and I heard what it is to be a Laurel. The people who spoke to me,
>> the people who spoke for me, the Peers and friends who attested to my
>> qualities in front of Their Royal Majesties, Their Royal Highnesses, Their
>> Excellencies and the Populace. That all of you, who I look to for
>> inspiration, who I look to and admire your accomplishments, that all of you
>> could say such things of me, brought tears to my eyes. These were not tears
>> of sadness; they are tears from the warmth, joy, love, admiration,
>> excitement. I can only strive to live up to what you have said of me. I can
>> only hope that I will always continue to be the person you believe me to
>> be.
>> I was then presented with my coat. A beautiful red wool coat, lined and
>> trimmed in blue Indian silk made by my Mistress Elianor. Adorned on the
>> arms with Tiraz bands designed by Aidan, and embroidered with Monarch
>> Butterflies and Andalusian inspired Laurel leaves by Gaebbie. This coat is
>> everything I could have imagined and more. The warmth it will bring me will
>> be impossible to compare to. The beauty of the design of the Tiraz bands
>> are more of a blessing than any words could ever convey. The Tiraz (which
>> means embroidery) is immaculate. The love that was put into the piece of
>> art that was created is evident.
>> Next came the mark of my new station, I am now the owner of the most
>> beautifully handcrafted artisan silver earrings I have ever seen. Earrings
>> made for me by Master Grimwulf. His craftsmanship is a quality
>> unchallenged. And my hands shook as I removed my other earrings and put
>> these in my lobes. My ears have never been so beautifully adorned. With
>> silver earrings made in the style of 12th century Andalusian earrings, with
>> Laurel leaves and falcons. I don’t want to take them off. Ever. Seriously.
>> I lost my memory while giving my oath. I had a special oath memorized,
>> and it failed me. Then I was presented to the Kingdom as a member of the
>> Order of the Laurel. The populace erupted in cheers! I didn’t even know how
>> to stand there when that happen but I did. Then I heard Rhodri begin to
>> read my scroll. He wrote me a Muwashasha, he incorporated so much of my
>> life and SCA career into that poem. His words brought tears to my
>> households eyes. His words lifted my heart, and made me feel like I was
>> soaring with the Falcons of our Kingdom.
>> I was directed to turn so that I would see the gorgeous scroll that was
>> painted for me by Constantia. A painted scene in my image from in the style
>> of the Hadith of Bayad wa Riyad. My favorite love story of 13th century
>> al-Andalus. Written in arabesque with a reed pen, on goat skin parchment.
>> Her delicate hand in the fine details of the work is astounding.
>> I walked out of court to find my handsome man waiting for me with a kiss.
>> Than I received all the hugs of congratulations. What a wonderful day! How
>> could it be any more perfect. We followed court by running out for Thai
>> food, I got to eat Tiger cry beef with my friends. That made it more
>> perfect.
>> We got back to site ready to climb into bed when we heard the graduation
>> celebration and the songs coming from it. So we grabbed a few beverages and
>> headed over to Eowyth’s to sing and celebrate. And the day was even more
>> perfect than it was before.
>> Mistress Elianor, my mentor, my friend, my inspiration to be as authentic
>> as possible; not only in my arts and sciences, but also in my life. I can’t
>> even begin to thank you for all that you did to make this happen. I am
>> forever in your debt.
>> *~~~ Catalina*
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