Good morning and Happy Friday!

With regards to equestrian activities and weather concerns next weekend:

I just spoke to the groundskeeper and he feels that we should be OK for activities as long as we get a couple days of sunshine sometime next week. I don't trust the weather reports, as they have changed every single day this past week. ;-) They have been getting rain out there, but the drainage this summer has been better than over the fall, due to the nice spring bringing in a solid grass. I will be checking in with him daily next week. He's been able to run his tractor over the arena/camping area without issues. 

If he tells me on Thursday that there's been non-stop rain and he can't even drive his tractor over the field, then I will call it on Thursday night. 
If he tells me there has been a couple days of sunshine and he's got no problem running his tractor across the field, then I'll be out there by 11am on Friday morning to confirm the site is safe for equestrian use. If it's OK, I'll let everyone know, and if it's not, I'll let everyone know, as soon as I arrive on site. However, according to him, "We should be fine."

If you have other questions about Equestrian at the event and how we will handle weather issues, please let me know! 

In Service,

Baroness Eowyth þa Siðend
EqMIC - Horse & Falcon: Harpies & Centaurettes 
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