It is with a very heavy heart that I am cancelling all scheduled equestrian
activities for this weekend's Horse & Falcon event.

Aside from Gulf Wars, this is my favorite Calontir event. I received my
Torse here. I became a Huscarl here. I was belted as a protégé here. I have
made countless friends and renewed countless friendships here. Believe me
when I say that this is the last decision I would rather make.

I want to give my utmost thanks and appreciation to my fellow equestrian
marshals that sunk time and effort into crafting the tournaments for this
weekend. I wish the weather had cooperated. I have gifts for each of you
when I next see you (hopefully this weekend, but later if need be.)

The Honorable Lady Rhiannon - for your work on the Rose Tournament - ONE
DAY we will be able to honor our Ladies and your creation can finally be
seen & participated in by all.
Baroness Svana - for your work on the Hunt Tournament - thank you. It was a
fun idea and I'm sure there are other places we can bring it out.
Duke Eringlin - for being OK with being volunteered for where I need it and
taking my calls when I needed it. Thank you.
Sir Saito & Mistress Ise - for going with the flow and filling in where I
needed. I can always rely on you. Thank you.
The Honorable Lady Katrin - for going with the flow as my co-EqMiC. Sorry
we didn't actually get to bring things to fruition.

And to the ever-patient equestrians for understanding that indeed... we
cannot control the weather... Without you, I wouldn't be so sad to make
this announcement...

I do hope that you will decide to attend, despite this announcement! While
the weather is not ideal, when it's not storming, it's quite beautiful.
There are 3 Vigils and Elevations for 3 very worthy people!
There is a graduation party to celebrate a 12 year journey!
There will be lots of food, friendship, and other activities that don't
require solid footing during competition!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I still hope to
see many of you despite this.

In Service (and some Sadness),

Baroness Eowyth þa Siðend

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