Hi everyone.
I'm so envious, reading all the messages about the upcoming conference- you will have such a wonderful time. Enjoy!!

In the meantime, I'm almost at the end of a big (as in lots of time, not lots of money) freelance job that has been very frustrating at almost every turn. Very poor communication and feedback from the publisher throughout the months of this project. Now they have decided that two of the illustrations- which were executed according to their request and with their references, and then adjusted according to their request- do not illustrate what they would like to show. They have asked me to consider doing two new illustrations, and as compensation, increasing my advance on royalties by a couple hundred dollars.

I have never had quite this situation arise before- and have only done two royalty-based jobs, so I'm not sure what is standard here.
The amount of money received from royalties is the same, regardless of the advance (unless, I suppose, the book never generates that amount of royalties). So I don't really feel like a slightly larger advance does me much good. But maybe that's all one can expect from this kind of situation?

Thanks for what experience and advice you have to offer.
And happy Memorial Day weekend!

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