Hello everyone,
I was thinking about something today and wanted to get some feedback. 

I just spent the afternoon at my daughter's Science Olympiad (she is in 3rd grade.)  It is here in Ann Arbor and schools from all over Washtenaw County participate. It is the largest elementary science olympiad in the country. Yay! 

So along with the events there is an Open Events room where tables are set up all over with various science-related stations. The kids (and adults) can do things like learn about chemistry, electronics, optics and more with hands-on experiments. They also have vendor-type tables from organizations that share science info (for example, USGS highlighting Great Lakes ecosystem stuff with specimens under microscopes and preserved invasive species to examine, etc.) Very fun and engaging.
As my kids were browsing through, I thought, this would be a perfect venue to introduce science illustration to a young audience. It could be a table staffed by local science illustrators (GNSI members?) doing demos and sharing info on how artists work with scientists to provide/clarify scientific information, etc. Maybe some sort of small hands-on art that the kids could create or do themselves to highlight a technique or something. 

Have any of you done/seen this done at Science Olympiads? I have no idea if it would be well-received or not, perhaps with there being a preference for hard science demos, but I think showing the connection between art and science would be really intriguing and not something that is often introduced to elementary students.

Have any of you ever been involved with or done this sort of thing at a Science Olympiad event before?
Thanks in advance for any comments, ideas, etc.
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