Hi Emily,             I can't comment on the file organisation
Mac programs but I am having to spend a lot of my time at work adding
metadata, including key words to digital image files. We use an
expensive program, Fotoware but I wouldn't recommend that for a small

I just wanted to say that as a general rule a photographer takes just
as long to enter data as to take the photo.

I was using Adobe Lightroom to add basic metadata when actually taking
the photo series but we have now moved to Phase One's Capture One, to
avoid using the subscription CC version of Lightroom and because of
much better processing speed, rendering and other features.

Jeffrey Friedl's Image Metadata Viewer
allows you to view all the metadata in a jpeg. It’s astounding how
many fields and options there are and how much infomation usage rights
etc can be packed into a photo. Once it's in a master file all of it
goes into every small copy you make, even small web jpegs.

I always use templates for copyright and contact information and then
add the caption (description) and key words for each photo.
Templates are easy in Lightroom or Capture One but can also be done in

I prepared a Word document to explain this. It has screen captures but
here's some of the text.

"In Photoshop, make a new small file, “File” + “New” or
“Ctrl + N”.Then click “File” + “File Info” to bring up the
metadata entry pane.
Some fields will change with each new photograph. So leave them blank.
Only enter data into fields which you will be entering the same data
into a substantial quantity of images, like the copyright status, url,
email contact etc. Generally I am entering such data on the first
three tabs, “Description” “IPTC” and (rarely) “IPTC
Once you are happy, click “Export” on the dropdown menu at the
bottom of the pane and save it as a named template in the Adobe XMP
Templates folder. To add the data to another file you use that same
“File Info” pane and click “Import”, choose one of the lower
options and then add further data pertaining to that image."

Hope this is of interest?

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Wed, 18 May 2016 10:26:21 -0400
Re: [SCIART] Digital File Organization

Thanks for sharing your experience with Portfolio Britt. My husband,
an archaeologist, swears by DevonThink
[1]) for his files and has suggested it to me. It's a program for Macs
(I guess I should have said in the first email I use Apple) and it
creates a database with all your documents and can suggest its own
tags for them by scanning their content. It works best for word files
and pdfs since the connections it makes are based on text but if you
put the time in tagging your images it would work for visuals too. It
also stores webpage bookmarks. As Emily points out, there is a
significant time investment to get things set up but one would hope
the improved search ability makes up for it in the long run as well as
having everything in one place. I'll have to look through these
programs to see which has the best user interface.

On Wed, May 18, 2016 at 7:57 AM, Emily S. Damstra <[log in to unmask]
Good question, Kathryn. Like you, I have everything in folders by
project. Over the years, I've gotten better about labeling my
reference folders with appropriate key words so they're easily
searchable. So far this has worked fine for me, but I'd also be
curious to hear from others. What would FileMaker or Extensis
Portfolio offer that I don't already have with my current method? It
seems to me like the hard part is taking the time to sort and label
files/folders, and I assume one would have to do that with or without
either of those applications.

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On Tue, May 17, 2016 at 4:26 PM, Kathryn Killackey
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Hi All,

I was hoping some members could share the different ways they keep
track of digital files. Does anyone use a specific application, such
as FileMaker? I currently have everything in folders by project (as
well as several stuffed folders labelled "to sort") but am thinking
there might be a better way, especially for collected reference photos
and research that is useful for multiple projects. It would be nice to
tag such files and make them more searchable. 



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