Thank you, Kathy, Alison and Karen too.
I know that the Prismacolors get broken ... but I am hoping some will respond to a new sharpener a little better. Iíll check out these two suggestions.
Hi Annie,
I've had good luck with:
and have purchased a small fleet of them for the students to use when I teach classes in colored pencils.  They're inexpensive, and work well.  Good luck!
Alison Schroeer

Iíve heard good reviews for this one. Itís on my shopping list, although I donít have personal experience with it. Maybe check with one of the colored pencil groups if youíre on social media?
On May 18, 2016, at 8:50 AM, Anne Runyon <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Hi friends,
(Sorry- I have an eraser... looking for a sharpener.)
I have been using an old hand crank pencil sharpener and a couple of small
metal hand-held sharpeners for eons. However, the newer Prismacolor pencils
just don't sharpen well ... break way too often.
I understand that an electric sharpener might help. Any suggestions for a
good, modestly priced electric? I would prefer having it plug in, rather
than be battery operated, but most importantly ... Will it sharpen
Prismacolor pencils well?


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