Thanks for doing this for us Rhodri, We will be arriving either late
saturday or early sunday.

Alan Berylson and Margery of Penrith.

On Fri, Jun 10, 2016 at 12:13 PM, Jay Reynolds <[log in to unmask]>

> Thanks for everything you have done thus far, Rhodri.  I'm looking forward
> to the fun times; I should be pulling in Saturday morning.  See you soon!
> -Johann
> On Jun 9, 2016 5:17 PM, "Rob Howell" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> Greetings all
>> Guess what, I'm not here to ask you to pre-reg. I've matured, grown past
>> that. And our land is assigned and I got the spot I wanted already.
>> However, some notes about what to expect.
>> Note 1: We are camping in I3, with a little bit of J3 as overflow. You
>> can see how centralized we are here:
>> Note 2: Like every other war, come find me or my deputy, HE Seraphina.
>> We'll tell you where to camp. We don't have much extra space, so it's
>> important we pack in nicely. Most of you know the drill.
>> Note 3: Setup. We *cannot* dig on our plot of land. We have a lovely
>> spot, but many of the utilities are actually fairly close to the surface.
>> There will probably be lines on the ground where we *cannot* hammer stakes.
>> You might hit an electrical line. That probably would not work out well.
>> Note 4: We *will* have a Calontir pavilion. Drix has volunteered his
>> large pavilion that he uses at Gulf Wars. It won't be purple, and it won't
>> be fresh from the loving hands of Rhianwen, but it will get us in the shade
>> and out of the rain. If you were concerned whether we'd have a place to
>> gather, don't be.
>> Note 5: I told them from the outset we were going to sing no matter what
>> the quiet hours might be, so they should put us in a spot where the modern
>> neighbors won't notice. Thus, we're smack dab in the middle of everything.
>> Note 6: We will have an above ground firepit.
>> Note 7: We will have a soup kitchen, thanks to Rigela. Well, sort of. We
>> won't actually have soup, and we won't be cooking anything, but we will
>> have sammich fixins and a variety of snacky bits. I'm especially excited
>> for equestrians and archers, because we are about as close to those
>> activities as we could be. Close enough, you could come back, snack a bit,
>> tell some stories, then go right back if you wanna.
>> Note 8: I'm probably forgetting things, as usual. My email address is
>> [log in to unmask] and I should have access at all times on site.
>> I'll see you all in about a week.
>> Rhodri
>> Rob Howell
>> Author of the Shijuren-series of novels
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