Forwarding from the Outlands list. Is anyone coordinating a Calontir camp
for Battlemoor? Please contact THL Generica ASAP to make sure space is


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Date: Thursday, June 23, 2016
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Frontiers make for rugged, independent people. Battling the elements, the
beasts, the land itself tests you to your limits. When you meet those
challenges, when you exceed everything you thought your mind and body could
endure, when you win a home out of the wilderness, then you become the
stuff of legends that soft handed poets tell of around civilized fires at

If you don't want to be one of those people colonizing the edge of the
battlefield at Battlemoor, though, you need to make sure you've let me know
your group is camping this year. So far I've heard from

Aarquelle, Al Barran, Atenveldt, Blar Kista, Boleslav, Broken Horn,
Brotherhood of the Bengal, Bryngalau, Caer Galen, Caerthe, Cardinal Point,
Citadel, Clann Ivarrson, Company de Grail, Corvus Aurorae, Cygnet House,
Darbuka, Draca Mor, Dragonsspine, Duchy de Blakeny , Fontaine, Goldstar,
Red Dagger Inn, Holy Hallows, House Aeridian, House of Mirth, House Romani,
Inn of the Wandering Dragon, Nahrun, Noiregarde, Outlands Royal, SOX, St
Golias, Sword and Spoon, Tal 'en Vasa, Terra Cunnicula, Gwenhyvaer's Camp,
Unser Hafen

If you know your canton or household is camping within a larger group, just
make sure the camp mom/landocrat/baronial enforcer knows. Royals who don't
have a camp listed before July 1st will have an Interkingdom Royal Camp.
Otherwise, I need to know by July 1st if your group plans to camp. Anyone
who gets in touch with me after that becomes a legend. PM me here or email
me at ladygenerica-gmail-com.

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