I was there in spring, and while it did not feel isolated then because I
wasn't alone, it really is. The big thing is lack of fresh water. It would
be good to know how one is able to transport how much water and if there
are options for replenishing supplies. If the park ranger lives out there,
those answers should be easily obtained.

I read the "couples" requirement as there should be two people due to the
physical and mental isolation, and for safety reasons in case one doesn't
return from snorkeling or has an allergic reaction to something, etc. I
read "couple" to include friend or colleague. Course, if you're stuck on an
island with someone you don't like, you could end up killing each other :-

It IS beautiful. I took a boat at night from Key West; the waters were full
of bioluminescence and the skies full of stars. Light everywhere. Flying
fish. Lovely, save for the boat trip back which was rough. (rough seas, got
thrown in the air then slammed onto the deck--better than overboard--and a
host of other things.) The fort is cool, as Lynette says. Good sketching
variety from nature to architecture.

Bruce, I hear you :- )


Gretchen Halpert
Scientific Illustration Distance Program

On Sun, Jun 19, 2016 at 12:16 PM, Bruce Bartrug <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> I've been there in May, and it's quite the place for two species of terns,
> brown noddy and sooty.  In recent years there has been a tropicbird nesting
> inside the fort, though I'm not certain it's still there, or there every
> year.  Other than that it's almost devoid of bird life, except for the
> occasional gull and pelican.  The island really is dry, so there's little
> or no vegetation.  However, it's an interesting place to visit, and I can
> only imagine the night skies.  The isolation might be worth the month spent
> there, although living in Maine I can be as isolated as I wish :).
> bab
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