If you go to Google imaging and then fool around with variations wording for
the skull of the species required (like "skull of Striped Skunk), it will
come up with images, often many, depending on how common the species is.
Click on any image from there (on the right side of the screen) you can link
to websites that may provide alternative views, other species, and so on.

As well, I'm constantly amazed at the number of realistic replicas of
skulls, that is to say, the variety of species, including extinct species,
available commercially.  Google something similar, but use the word

These websites often provide the photo, a rough sense of dimension and, if
your budget allows, you can even buy the model if the level of detail it
provides -- obviously less than the actual object -- is sufficient to your

Here is one such company .  Disclaimer...I
have no commercial or other interest in them nor have I ever dealt with them
(but I'm thinking of buying a replica of the Great Auk skull to help me with
a future painting).


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Hello everyone,

I am not sure if I am remembering correctly, but did someone on the list
post info about a web site that had a selection of skulls from various
I usually bookmark things like that, but somehow I have nothing that points
me in that direction.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can back up my foggy recollection!

Take care,

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